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Yolanda Mendoza
via Google

First my nephew attended and then we followed and enrolled our 6 year old son. We immediately noticed a difference in his participation and he advanced quickly. I really like their program and especially the flexibility.

Nilesh Galande
via Google

This is great place to be, enough staff to help new and existing students. Their leadership program is very good and based on respect, focus, and honesty. Very friendly environment. They foster a community and family value daily. The staff truly care about their students and their learning environment.
My daughter has been going there for almost two years and we've seen a huge difference. She has gained confidence, learned to respect herself and others, and developed good moral values and leadership qualities. Her concentration has increased multifold, which helps her in studies. Her thought process is much clearer now.
I highly recommend coming here and having your children or even yourself join this school!

Jasmine Cendejas
via Google

My boys have been attending Peoria Championship Martial Arts since September 2021 and they have loved every second of it. They have learned many skills, gained confidence, and earned the opportunity to join special teams and programs. They also have made friends and look forward to classes each week! I highly recommend trying it out!!

Adriana Maldonado
via Google

Excellent instructors, my two daughters are happy to attend and learn something new every day, excellent attention!

Jason Rasch
via Google

Great school. They seem to really care about the kids. My daughter loves it. The class motivates her.

Brian Donahue
via Google

Great school to take your children to go to learn martial arts our boys have been going here for few years now and enjoy their growth at the school.

Alisha O'Neal
via Google

We love going to Karate here. Mr. Munding and all of the staff are amazing. We can't recommend them enough.

Megan Valdez
via Google

Mr. Munding and staff have been nothing short of amazing. Through their curriculum, not only have my girls learned some self defense skills, they’ve also been able to build their character, self discipline, confidence and focus. What really drew us in was when we first were searching for a martial arts school, and came across Championship Martial Arts, Mr and Mrs Munding made us feel welcomed and part of the family immediately. They show genuine care for my girls but they don’t stop there, they show genuine care and interest in the rest of our family. I could probably go on all day about how wonderful they are but i encourage you to go see for yourself!

via Google

Mr. Munding and all the teachers are wonderful, they are patient and kind but they do enforce the fact the students need to pay attention. My kid is five and it has help her with more structure at home. She loves coming and advancing to different belts.

Anna Vizcarra
via Google

I have so much to say. It's been such a great experience. I've seen the improvement in my son's confidence Grown more in to this young respectful little man.
I highly recommend this place. The staff is so nice. Very attentive. It's all around great company

Kristine Roberts
via Google

This is a great program and school. I have 3 young boys close in age and this has helped them gain confidence, respect to themselves and others, learn morals and the team has helped guide them through learning martial arts with such dedication and ease. This was the best choice for our kids and family and I cannot wait to watch them grow and earn more belts. I highly recommend coming here and having your children or even yourself join this school!

Aaron Wax
via Google

This is the best Karate school around. All the instructors are friendly and very attentive to the students. My daughter has been a student here for over 2 years now. She has grown in all aspects of the teachings here. I myself am taking classes here now and my son wants to as well. They do a monthly event on a Friday night to grow the comradery between the students. I can truly see my daughter going all the way to black belt here.

Jasmine Cendejas
via Google

We signed our son up almost 6 months ago and he has grown so much in that time. He loves participating and learning new skills. At the end of each class, he is always excited to share what he learned, the skills he should be focusing on before his next class, and what he enjoyed. Our son is generally high energy and a little “wild” but these classes have taught him focus and discipline. He truly loves it!

Gary Marsh
via Google

This is exactly what children need, Mr. Munding is great with kids and the parents too. Great place to learn and grow with great people.

Jay Dub
via Google

Love the staff and instructors. Honestly seems on point for all ages.

Maria Sunshine
via Google

This place is awesome for kids. We took our son to two other places that claimed to be child friendly and this place has been an awesome change of pace

Shawn Babiarz
via Google

This place is awesome for kids. We took our son to two other places that claimed to be child friendly and this place has been an awesome change of pace.

Josh Taylor
via Google

My child has been attending classes at Millennium Martial Arts for over a year now. They were welcoming from the beginning and have been professional at every turn. The instructors have been nothing short of spectacular. Attending classes has boosted my child’s self esteem and confidence.

Rick Gonzales
via Google

My 12 year old son has been going to this Millennium Martial Arts school for over a year now. He couldn’t seem to find his groove with other athletics and team sports. But since he started going he loves the environment his instructors and learning Martial Arts. Besides actually seeing him progress his confidence level, and wanting to learn along with his athleticism have gone through the roof. I highly recommend this school.

Julia Nelson
via Google

My husband and I have been wanting to do Krav Maga for years now and finally we just did it, Howard is an incredible instructor and this is honestly the only thing I look forward to lately. They know what they are doing, they communicate well and make sure you are comfortable and not pushing your limits. It's one hell of a work out I can tell you that!

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